a Passion project

In 2015, during the course of doing a very aimless and frankly...Bad, Podcast called A Wolf Lives Here, Brett Heffner and John Munger stumbled onto improv.  It was one of those things where our preconceptions were getting in our way. We weren't doing improv because we didn't think it was allowed or something, even though, we were always playing characters or riffing bits. Basically, we we're dumb kids in their early 20s.  Or more charitably, for some people following your heart takes practice. The most important thing we learned from that podcast is to follow the thing that you love.  With the help of Brian Alexander, we created this format of improv comedy in video game worlds.  Long form improv where we deconstruct, dissect, and/or embody all the weird shit in video games that we see, and try to find the nooks and crannies of those worlds that are unexplored.  From there we picked up Ryan Adams and the rest is history.  We hope you love it, and we hope if you love it you will support it on Patreon.  But most importantly, we hope that if you have a creative passion that you've been sitting on that you won't let it fester, and that you will let it out somehow.  We hope we inspire you to do what you love.  Join our community by reaching out to us on social media or sending us emails of your gaming experiences or the ways you've been pursuing your passion.   Until then, keep your chin up, and #StayWoke - #JokeWoke.  

Reach out to videoimprovgame@gmail.com or find us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.